Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever fields...more like a basket of strawberries on our patch of yard, but I do love these shots!  I just want to take a minute to reflect on my photography journey thus far.  I started to get a little more serious about picture-taking a bit over a year ago.  I've grown alot, but still have a hard time calling myself a photographer.  I usually say, "I do some photography."  In this year, I have enjoyed experimenting and trying to pinpoint my "style."  I think it's only natural to evolve from strictly traditional portraits and candids to something a little more artistic (e.g. the shot of a headless Sophie below...that I LOVE).  I find myself drawn to this style of photography more and more.  Detail shots with creative crops and composition.  I am also trying to shoot more daily life pictures because those are what every parent wants to remember years from now.  I'm glad I get to experiment with my kiddos...because I totally get that most clients want heads and sweet little faces in their child's photos :)  And don't misunderstand-I still love a great portrait!


rsvp ink said...

Love these! I think you are a great photographer!!! And I do think of you as a "photographer"! You and your style have evolved a lot this past's been a fun glad you introduced me to the photo challenge world last summer, just as I was getting back into my photography!

Leesha said...

Love the colors! The red and blue compliment each other so well, :)

Misty Exnicios said...

Thanks, ladies! Christina...thanks for the constant encouragement...glad you're enjoying photography and blogging!

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