Monday, November 1, 2010

I Heart Faces-Celebrating Fall

This is a non-competition week over at Everyone is invited to share their favorite Fall photos though, and I love this one of my Alex taken last week when the leaves were brilliantly colorful. Have I mentioned that I ♥ Fall??  I am including the lyrics to "Falling for Fall" sung by Moose A. Moose (we watch a lot of Nick Jr. over here!) because he sums up my feelings about Autumn perfectly!

Oh I feel like I’m falling for fall. I'm not prevaricating. Nor am I exaggerating. Fall has got me in its grasp. It must be said.

Autumn's such a pleasant season
You must see all the trees in. 
Their blazing colors: orange, gold and red.

Should I write fall a love letter,
Telling how I feel better,
Every time the season comes around each year.

Or maybe I’ll just go on 
‘bout how nature puts a show on
As a prelude to all kinds of holiday cheer!!!

I feel like I’m falling for fall
These are feelings of elation
Mixed with some anticipation
When I think of all the fun there is in store!!!

And my heart just goes to thumpin’
Thinkin ‘bout piles of leaves I’ll jump in
It's no wonder that it’s autumn I adore!!!


Tamar SB said...

What a great picture! Love all those freckles!


Amy Henderson said...

I love this time of year to all the color and the freshness in the air! Great photo!

Erika B said...

So beautiful! Love the vibrant colors.

Erika B

Wendhy said...

Love the photo! Great expression :)

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